12 December 2008

One for web cam fans

This is one video for web cam fans wherever you are. It's a teaser video for a site called ladyboyloads . The site features Filipino ladyboys, usually in their late teens and early twenties. It leads you to the I'm Live web cam site. Some raw talent on offer here. Not really sophisticated stuff all the time but worth a couple of bucks if it's a rainy day or if you're thinking of heading to South East Asia for a fling. Charges for I'm Live were US$25 for a chunk of time, details at the site.
Cheers all.


Anonymous said...

hi bro, care to do a little segment on woodlands town centre? :)

seems to be a recent hot topic in the forums, but one that most people know next to nothing about. if you could dispense some of your usual brand of wisdom, that would be great!

Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade Jr. said...

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