02 December 2008

Women attracted to ladyboys?

I had an inquiry about ladies being attracted to ladyboys or transsexuals and decided to take a closer look at this intriguing question. After all, it's always assumed that only guys go after transsexuals.
According to Renee Reyes, the renown transsexual and I quote "Perhaps the largest group of women drawn to transgenders are those that always possessed a natural attraction towards women - their breasts, smooth curvaceous bodies, their soft skin & silky faces...however - they were just never totally comfortable with whole vagina-thing." Makes sense, I think, I mean here you get two for the price of one - the figure of a lady plus a nice stiff one.
With a lady a missing dick somehow lessens the fun perhaps?
And Renee goes on to say "Women born in the early to mid-1980's & beyond are the most likely to embrace the concept of a transgender partner." Sooo...watch out for ladies in their late twenties,you never know what they might get up to!
But that's all well and good, but what about the ladyboys? Would they mind going with a woman?I asked two some time ago. One, a Malaysian, refused flatly, "No way it feels funny".
But another, a Thai, took a more practical approach and said yes if the money was right. She had experienced a trio - man, woman and she the ladyboy. She said she was paid twice the rate so why not? The time used was the same as for a single guy.
I've not actually witnessed a woman negotiating with a ladyboy nor going out for a fling, but I'm told it happens and it's not that unusual apparently!
Anybody out there got anything to share? Ladies, ladyboys, guys? Please, let's have your comments.
Oh, thanks to Fatguy from SB for your comments. Cheers mate!

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Craig Howard said...

my Japanese girlfriend was WAY attracted to ladyboys. i enjoyed it and they could talk about makeup afterwords. An excellent experience all around.