02 January 2009

Anggun - Malaysian Beauty

This is the latest photo of Anggun, a Malaysian ladyboy escort who's on her way to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For those of you in Singapore and Malaysia she may look familiar; and that's because she used to ply her "trade" at the humble Rowell Road and was known as Wanda. That was some three years ago. She skimped and saved and made her first overseas working trip to Melbourne in Australia. She returned, saved more and headed for Europe and the Middle East. She has her own place in a certain town in Malaysia and plans to open a small business when she calls it quits.
A real down to earth person, and delightful in the sack (if I may say so) she's now in her thirties but still manages to keep her gorgeous figure. For more details on her check out her web site
Happy New Year all and thanks for reading my blog.

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