21 January 2009

Deleted Post

Sorry about the post that was here. A bit of sensitivity so I've removed the post entirely.
And as for the question, no new info on Johore Bahru ladyboys, I'll do some homework then post something.
Stay Happy all.

24th Jan - No phone numbers for the JB ladyboys. There seem to be 2 "shifts". One lot that starts work early afternoon and ends at 8pm and another lot that starts from 8pm.
Strange arrangement but maybe it's to ensure there's always a few around throughout the day?


Anonymous said...

Hi I posted the question regarding Johor Bahru. I am staying in Permas Jaya which is not far from there and I was wondering if you were aware if they were still there or even if you have any contact numbers etc

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, are they still around the Court Mammoth area

Anonymous said...

Why the ladyboy from Romeo dun like her pic to be post? Scared her boyfriend see? After all she is a pros what.