24 January 2009

JB Scene plus Romeo ladyboys

In reply to comments:
1. JB - Yes, the ladyboys are found in the area before Courts Mammoth
2. Deleted Post - There was a request from the ladyboy to remove her picture because she was afraid her parents might see it and be angry. I've clearly given her the benefit of the doubt here as the probability of her parents in Thailand (who're in their fifties I guess) surfing the net seem really remote. I leave you, my readers to judge this.
Anyway, as I've said before, when the ladyboy stands out as being somebody who is generally honest and a nice person, I do soften and bend to their requests. Is it wise? I haven't a clue. Maybe one day I'll know?
Comments anybody?
2nd Feb
The ladyboys hang out in a space between the two blocks of shophouses on the left of the road. There is a lane which runs behind and they will parade there.

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Anonymous said...

erm i know the area where susur empat is, but it seems tpo be quite a long street, any specific location they are likely to show up?