14 January 2009

Ladyboys - can we trust them?

We've all heard stories from friends and on forums (or worst experienced first hand) of how ladyboys in the P4P business lie like a second nature. Everything conceivable trick in the book seems to be used to extract your hard earned cash - a sick parent, a lost wallet, no business for days etc. We sometimes wonder what we're doing - are we nuts to fall for their stories? Yes, many a time we, myself included, are so smitten or infatuated with them that we believe them.
But what makes them liars? Could it be an over zealous survivor instinct? After all, they don't earn a salary, every last cent they earn must come from a customer. And there aren't that many around. On top of it there's competition - prettier, younger, cheaper ladyboys. But don't get me wrong; I'm not asking anybody out there to forgive them. Especially the pretty nasty ones. No way.
So far, I've not come across a P4P ladyboy who doesn't act like this. The only question is the degree of dishonesty.
All I'm saying is - be aware of this trait of theirs and don't let them make you a sucker. But be fair, for the better ones, if they deserve a tip, a small gift, don't grudge it. Would we not act in the same way if we were in their shoes?
Thoughts anybody?

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