27 February 2009

Ladyboy prices in Singapore

This is always a favourite question - how much do you pay for service in Singapore?
Ladyboys in Singapore adopt a two tier pricing policy. One for locals and another higher one for foreigners.
At the top of the heap, the "escorts" who advertise on the net and those at Orchard Towers charge foreigners between S$200 to S$300 for "short time". This is loosely defined as two hours for giving and taking in a straight forward way. Fetishes such as whips, scat, pissing etc. would set you back between one to two hundred dollars extra.
For locals it's currently S$100 to S$150 and about S$100 for extras. Yes, it's an unfair world, but, that's the situation. The prices vary depending if it's weekday (cheaper), weekend (more expensive) or how pressed for cash the ladyboy is.
Sometimes, if the ladyboy takes a liking to you, you could be quoted less.
For overnight stuff, the prices range from $400 to $600 for foreigners, again depending on what level of service you need. From what I know, locals seldom go for the overnight thing if they're on home base.
At the lower end, i.e. Rowell or Geylang, prices range from S$50 to S$80 for foreigners and locals get it for S$30 to S$50 a shot.
When negotiating, do make clear what you require and for how long to avoid an unnecessary argument. Lastly don't forget protection, the idea is to make it a pleasurable experience. Happy hunting guys!

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Anonymous said...

is there anywhere whioch their services starts at early of the day?