18 February 2009

Replies to questions

1. Caucasian ladyboys - nope, not seen any in this end of the world. i.e. South East Asia, though you may get some visiting on their way to Bangkok for surgery.
2. Johore Bahru ladyboy locations - beside Susor Empat there is a location in town at the junction of Jalan Trus and Jalan Dhoby. This was the original location for ladyboys and they hang out at the makeshift car park behind the shophouses.
Up to early 2000 you would get some very fashionable ladyboys prancing around after 8pm. The business was done on the second floor of the photography shop just next to a small lane. There were some differences of opinion between the different groups and that's why, as I understand, most moved to Susor Empat.
But up till late last year, I know some ladyboys stayed near the back of the OCBC bank which is about 2 streets away and I guess they may still be in the area for business after dark.
21st Feb '09
1.No reliable info on Indonesia at the moment. I'll post something if I come across some good info.
2. Kuala Lumpur - I'll do that later on. Again, I need to check my facts.

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thats quite a pity to heard for that position, as the new immigration office should fend off allof them now