02 February 2009

Rowell Road, Singapore

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Rowell Road in Singapore is the bargain basement for ladyboy P4P in Singapore.
It's in the Little India area and the map above shows the location.
From about 6pm plus the ladyboys begin to show themselves at a few houses namely numbers 9 (Malaysian Malay and Chinese ladyboys), 31 (Malaysian), 61 (Indian ladyboys) and 79 (Thai ladyboys). Currently house 79 is the hottest which has about 10 ladyboys on duty till around 1 am nightly. Up and coming is house 9 which has some six quite good looking Malays.
The standard price in the street is 30 Sing dollars for locals and 50 for non locals.
It's bargain stuff so it's all small cubicles (about 1.5m or 5 ft by 2m or 6.5 ft), mattress on the floor and one washroom for the entire house. So it ain't snazzy. But it's dirt cheap and after one fling the idea is to get the mobile number and make other arrangements outside if you can't stand the conditions.
Cheers all.


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I really appreciate your efforts for this rare guide/info line. Being a LB fan your blog is very useful to me, thanks for this.

By the way just became curious to learn more on Indian Ladyboys. You have mentioned something about them in latest post, so i guess you can spread more light on it, Please....


Anonymous said...

i didnt even realised the location was like, 2 mins walk from my working place?!

anyway, the service is how long?

and do they pound our ass?

Jeko said...

Could someone tell me where is the best place in HK to meet LB? Any bar/club in special?
Thank you

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