07 March 2009

Liisa Winkler is back!

Gentlemen, the girl with the crown, the girl with the face - Liisa Winkler is back on the scene. This Filipino ladyboy whose been on quite a holiday is back. She's visiting Hong Kong (tel: 852-65775187) and will come to Singapore on the 19th of March.
She's got many testimonies to her service and she's also a great conversationalist as well.
The Filipino ladyboys can converse in English much better than their Thai counterparts and this makes them a better choice for the over nighters. After an hour or so with a Thai ladyboy, it can get pretty boring when communication is a problem.
A bit more info and picture here - http://hongkong.craigslist.org/ers/1061823018.html
and here - http://www.winklergirl.com

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