28 March 2009

Recession and ladyboys

The hot topic these days is the world wide recession. So how does it affect our ladyboys and our business with them?
Around the world we hear of mixed stories about the P4P profession in general. In Germany (where prostitution is legal) , business is down and a brothel in Hamburg was sold and converted to a hotel. Some of those in the profession have turned to walking the streets and dealing with customers directly rather wait in brothels for customers who have to pay a higher price.
In America, business seems the same for strip tease clubs. However a notable absence of the high rolling big tippers is being felt. Many previously professional women, and recently unemployed, have turned to stripping because of the fast cash. However because of the larger number of performers available, rather than be paid for appearing in a club, it's now a case of the stripper paying a "house fee" for being allowed to strip at the clubs! In these clubs the girls keep all the tips and still find it lucrative enough.
In Singapore, we see and hear similar stories. It is said that one bar in Orchard Towers charges S$300 a month for the ladyboys to practice their trade on their premises whilst the other one is contemplating a similar move, albeit charging a much lower fee.
At the lower end, the numbers of ladyboys wanting to come to Singapore has apparently increased with the famed house 79 on Rowell Road having a waiting list.
Incidentally there appears to be no space for the Malaysian ladyboys at 79 and they've increased in numbers at house 9 and 31.
Whether you know where house 9 or 79 is or not is not relevant. The point is, more ladyboys are coming.
What seems to be strange is that prices haven't noticeably come down!
Well, anyway, even if we as punters are a little tight on cash or afraid to spend it, at least the selection would have increased.
Has anybody heard or experienced differently? Please pass a comment.
Cheers all!

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