06 March 2009

What time does action start?

So you're either living in Singapore or you've found yourself here for a while.
You're eager to try the local dishes...and I don't mean food! So what time can you get them?
In the first place, the majority of ladyboys are a shy lot. They could be staying a kilometre from their "working" place and they would take a taxi! Maybe they're afraid of being teased or being stared at. Anyway, this usually means they're creatures of the night.
On the budget end, Rowell Road, they start between 6pm to 7pm give or take a couple of minutes. Geylang, a few nearer the main Geylang Road after 7pm. the rest after 10pm. Orchard Towers, Crazy Horse about 8.30pm and Club Romeo at 9.00pm. Changi Village after midnight. The "escorts", via the vicesisters site for example, it's fairly open but you can safely rule out pre-lunch hours.
However, you can try your luck around about 1pm at Lorong 16, Geylang. On the odd occasion I've spotted 2 or 3 and on one occasion even as early as 11am. Note that they weren't top notch though.
If you fancy something from Rowell or Orchard Towers, you could make arrangements with them (helpful if you know them beforehand) for an afternoon romp, usually between 3 to 5pm, well before they start work.
Happy Bonking all.

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liisawinklergirl said...

u are right some TSgirls could be made fun of even in the most mundane of places as i have seen in SG but of course it really doesn't help when men especially those in little India and surrounding areas stare openly at women and tsgirls!! sometimes its more than just a stare but its like they're stripping you with their eyes!!!