15 April 2009

How to get pounded

Following comments from my last post - A reader complained that it took him four ladyboys before he could get pounded. He says that he requested the service but they all failed to deliver until the last one.
Firstly, if you scout in the lower end areas, it must be remembered that these ladyboys take between 5 to 10 customers a night on average. Since they charge low end prices, they obviously have to make up for it in quantity. That means they're pretty exhausted and even if they could it they would have a difficulty. Even with us normal guys it's difficult to get a good erection and screw more than three times a day. On that basis, it may be an idea to get them when they first start work i.e. at about 7pm.
Secondly, don't forget, the ladyboys take hormones and that's an erection's worst enemy. Usually they have to stop for a couple of days before getting a normal erection. Since most of them take hormones to look more feminine that means very few can qualify!
Sooo...what to do? First thing is...I hope he got the number of the Malay ladyboy that he finally managed to get pounded with. Next time, she could do the job.
Read the forums, find out who can or can't do it. The next thing will take time...make friends with the ladyboys and ask. Slowly by slowly you'll build up a database of useful contacts.
And yes, you could go to Orchard Towers but if you want to be pounded, chances are, they will ask for between S$120 to S$150 for a local.
No easy solution I'm afraid. Good luck my friend!
Anybody else got any suggestions to offer? Some names perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

Try Aki now at Romeos, Orchard Towers.
She's got a nice tool.