19 April 2009

White guys versus Asian guys

This is an old one in many forums but with a personal twist.
In the Singapore P4P ladyboy trade, the white guys grumble that they pay more than the local Asian guys.
For example, in Orchard Towers, the locals pay between S$100 to S$150 for 2 hour short time action. But for the white guys or anybody from Europe or America they pay between S$200 to S$300. The Japanese and Koreans sometimes fall into this category by the way.
But there is something the non Asian guys don't realise and that is, they are the ladyboys' first choice by far.
Just a few days ago I made plans to be with my current favourite at my usual haunt. Favourite came along but noticed a white guy standing behind me. She gave me the quickest of greetings and proceeded to chat him up. As it turned out, he was an old customer of hers but said he was only scouting around for the moment.
Eventually when we met up I told her she could go with him in spite of our arrangement as it was her job and he would give her much more money. I then made as if to go but she insisted that I stay and things sort of got along in the end.
But reflecting on the incident, I just wondered what would have happened if the white guy wanted to take her? Hmm...
Anyway, as any seasoned pro will tell you, the ladyboys' primary job here is to milk you for as much cash as possible. They do have some heavy expenses coming out here.

Putting my feelings aside, I suppose you can't blame them for wanting to get as much money as possible and going for the golden goose.
Incidentally, money apparently isn't the only reason why the ladyboys prefer white guys. I've been told by some ladyboys that they treat them better than some Asians.
Food for thought? Comments?


Paul Chong said...

Hi Rick,

I was in Guess bar last year and I asked the girls there who they prefer; White or Asians: The Answer: Japanese Guys and anyone is isn't a cheap charley, white or otherwise.



Anonymous said...

Frankly if me I would have walked off. Serve her right if she got nothing in the end.

RumpRanger said...

I've visited Nana Plaza in Bkk many times and noticed that many LBs will go for the Japanese customer because they are willing to pay more money than the average white guy or non-Jap asian. You'll notice that many LBs got the cute Jap-look and Jap hairstyle so that they can attract the well-heeled Jap customer.

When I asked them whether they prefer farang or asian, most will prefer asian. Maybe they are also asian and there will be a common asian understanding between LB and asian customers.

Having said that, some farangs are quite generous and are quite liberal in having a LB girlfriend or wife. Not surprising that some LB marry white guys who had sponsored their operation and get a chance to live in a Western country that don't look down on them.

Mac said...

I think you're being a bit harsh on Asian men! Having said that, Filipino guys are notorious for treating LBs really badly and a lot of transpinays prefer western men because they have the impression (whether true or not) that Western men will be more gentlemanly. The same thing happens in Thailand and probably elsewhere, but transpinays (indeed Filipinos in general) seem to genuinely like Westerners, whereas I think most Thai girls would prefer an Asian guy if they could get a nice one who treated them well (and had money).