08 May 2009

Ladyboy girlfriend?

A ladyboy as your girlfriend? Is that such an unlikely thought? Well, possible you might say. After all there are many that look as good as girls and have feminine qualities. They can also be real fun to be with and some have some arresting personalties that make you feel like you've been with them for twenty minutes when it's actually two hours. So let's say having a ladyboy "partner" is a plausible concept.
But here comes the twist - one that's in the P4P business? Hmmm...perhaps more tricky.
Straight away, thoughts of your loved one being in the arms of another man and having sex on top of it doesn't sound too appealing to say the least? And even if there's a promise to be faithful and the girl has gone out of the business, is there a nagging thought that she could miss the old life of the variety of multiple partners and the big money she could make?
Well, frankly, if you're thinking that way - forget it. Stick to being a butterfly and keep on trying the field. If there is no absolute trust, you and the girl are going to be dragged into a quagmire of endless disagreements ending in misery for both. Don't forget, the ladyboys aren't always the guilty party, most of us guys have "been around" too.
My two cents worth says - If you're in the serious girlfriend game, then take somebody who's close to their "career" end, say late twenties, early thirties. They're usually more mature, more realistic. Money doesn't automatically buy you her heart ( a decent bit does no harm, mind you), your personality and behaviour towards her also count. If she has a decent job and you stump out a fair bit of money to come a bit close to what she used to earn, it helps the "transition". Ladyboys are human, they need to be secure, they've got as much fears as we've got.
Frankly, successful relationships for people who were in the P4P are not that common but there again they're not impossible.
Comments anyone? Please fire away.


Anonymous said...

I had a relationship with a "career end" ladyboy. She is going to be 30 now in october and am only 25. I loved her to bits. Would have done anything for her. For a while it was a long distance relationship. The usual story. Send me money, send me money. My family, my family.

I didnt mind that at all because I knew it was going somewhere. We were currently working on applying for a visa for her to live in Ireland. In the end she got the visa, and she lived here, met my friends, family. It was a great 2 month having her here.

But there was one downside to it all. She wanted money, money I didnt have, after spending so much on getting her to Ireland. So she tried to talk me into her going back to escorting in HK and Sing. Which I agreed to.

But as soon as she flew home. I started thinking about her working, hell I could even picture it in my head. I couldnt stop thinking about it. So I told her I didnt want her to go back to work. But she refused to change her mind and so I BROKE UP WITH HER.

Since we broke up, she has done nothing but torment me and my family. Sending my 63 year old mom the most disgusting text messages.

Threatening to send photos of a sexual nature of me and her to my parents, and my work unless I give her money.

But the worst of all that she has done to me, is sms thismorning, with a secret irish mobile number she had when living with me here in Ireland. I googled it, and a vicesisters ad appeared, for a ladyboy in Dublin, for outcall only, dated the 31st of december.

On that date, she was staying with me and my whole family in my parents house for christmas. How cruel and evil can someone be? I mean all the things I done for her, bringing her into my family, bringing her into my life like that. Hell I even brought her to my christmas party for work, and she met my boss.

The whole time while I was at work she was out escorting in Dublin. I was coming home from work into the arms of someone I loved, someone I thought loved me and hours before hand they were been fucked by someone else for money.

But in the end am kinda happy. Am happy to know that she fucked around here in Ireland after all the trouble I went to get her here. Am happy to know she cheated on me so many times. Cause it just makes me feel, YES, I made the right decision in ME breaking up with her.

It makes me feel relieved that she is out of my life for good. But I wish her the best in life, and hope no harm ever comes to her.

Transexual whores are NOT capable of having relationships.

Anonymous said...

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ts dating said...

Excellent advice here for those wanting more than just fun. Going for a girl with a career is deffinitly the way to go imo.