29 May 2009

Pattaya Ladyboys - Post 100

In ladyboy circles,Pattaya is always mentioned. It's about 165 km south-east of Bangkok and if you could spare a day or two (or even more) it's well worth your while. This is especially if you've come all the way from America or Europe and want to taste more than just Bangkok.
Pattaya is also better value for most things than Bangkok, so if you have a week or more to spend in Thailand you must include Pattaya.
From Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya Taxi is 1500Baht, about 1.5 hrs, bus 150Baht. For more details check out this forum - http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/information/index.html
And a must see is this site - http://www.pattayashemales.com/index.htm
Enjoy all and incidentally this is my 100th post. Thank you everybody, both guys and ladyboys for your support, comments and suggestions!

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liisawinklergirl said...

this place is really up there when it comes to sleaziness and in-your-face prostitution and solicitation. ANd it comes cheap too! No wonder the ex ended up here LOL

I have found that some unwanted elements frequent your blog nowadays. And even comment here too! Obviously trying to attract attention where they need it...the poor things...