23 May 2009


This cute 25 year old pre-op Filipino ladyboy, Askie, from Manila will be in town soon. Watch for updates.
Indonesia- There's very little information where else the ladyboys hang out. It's a known location for the locals but it seems foreigners are a bit put off maybe by the kind of place Taman Lawang is. If anybody out there has information, please comment.
Singapore - Popular locations like Rowell Road are still humming as is Orchard Towers with their classy Thai and a couple of local ladyboys. Must say, there seem to be less customers around this week in OT. The place was a madhouse about a fortnight ago.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very good blog for ladyboys. Plenty of information. Thanks for the effort, DickRick. Do you have any information on ladyboys at Pattaya. Where to find them in pubs, massage parlours, etc? I may be going for a short holiday there to enjoy the sun, beach and .....

Mexican in Texas