05 June 2009

Ladyboy Escorts

The Singapore situation with ladyboy escorts that come here is that they have one primary target in mind - people that pay S$200 plus per hour - whether they're white, brown or purple for that matter. (Although for whatever reason you do get the exceptions.)
They come here with the first thought being - how to cover their air fare, hotel etc. which hits the thousand dollar (Singapore) mark quite easily. But unlike a passing tourist, a local who's got much more time and knows where things are ; we're used to paying between S$30 to S$150 for bonks!
So, we locals are not the automatic first choice! As a local, we've got to remember this, myself included. I feel really rotten and hurt when a ladyboy picks a better paying customer over me. But my thinking is, why should I pay more than necessary? I could spend the savings on booze or heck add on more and get another shot. The fact is, I may be rejected by miss A but miss B and C is ready and waiting because there are dozens out there.
You know, it's something like when we go shopping and ask for a lower price. The sharp shopkeeper senses that we need the item and refuses to go down on price? And many people fall for it, forgetting that the next door shop could have a better bargain. Sure, it's a hassle to find something else but if we don't bother the power goes from us, the buyer to the seller.
Cheers all and happy bonking wherever you're from!
Incidentally, the picture above is another of the Filipino ladyboy Askie, local Singapore number is 90810827. She'll be in Bangkok on the 24th of June.

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