26 June 2009

Sponsoring a Ladyboy

Sponsoring a ladyboy (P4P) can be broadly defined as regularly sending a lump sum of money to your favourite. The reasons guys do it can be varied. Aside from plain vanilla love, amongst them is a need to ensure they stay loyal, they feel an obligation to support somebody who has treated them in a way no one has ever done, they wish the ladyboy to get out of her line of work and so on.
It is sad to note, judging from the reactions in the ladyboy forums, that most often, the sponsor is taken for a ride. The ladyboy paints a picture of loyalty. One classic instance was when 2 BMs decided to one take for a shag. Her telephone rings in the middle of the action. It's her sponsor calling and she chats with him uttering the usual "I love you, I miss you" stuff and five minutes later carries on where she left off as though nothing had happened.
And unfortunately it's common practice.
The best way out is to say no in the first place. Or have you told her you're a millionaire and money means nothing?
A lot of ladyboys just try their luck and if they get somebody hooked why not? They're not about to leave you because you refused to sponsor them. At least most won't.
But do be a gentleman and if you're staying in the same country or at least a neighbouring country (so you can check on them) why not help them out once a while? A gift here, some cash to buy clothes or cosmetics there wouldn't harm and if things don't work out - no big loss. There are exceptional cases where sponsors contributed towards a small business or education and it paid off for both ladyboy and sponsor.
Comments please - would love to hear this one.
Oh yes, the picture is of the lovely Anggun from Malaysia (who isn't sponsored). More of her info here


Anonymous said...

I have been in the situation were my choosen partner for the night gets a call from a boyfriend/sponser many times. I have sent money in the past to ladyboys. But nothing serious, just small gifts. The trouble starts when the sponser starts to think she is actually being faithful to him. There would be NO amount of money in the world that would keep a p4p 18-30 transexual faithful in a relationship. They need to get laid just as much as us ladyboy admirers.

Dick Rick said...

Well said, I think the key words here are "The trouble starts when the sponsor starts to think she is actually being faithful to him."
Thank you