20 June 2009

Orchard Towers - local ladyboys

This is a 5 minute clip on 4 Singapore ladyboys who ply their trade at Singapore's Orchard Towers. It gives brief information on why they do this, how much they earn and a bit of chit chat.
I think you have to feel sympathy for the second ladyboy featured, 24 year old (so she says) Liya. She's got a boyfriend who's in jail and she says she did her sex change for his sake. Oh, why do I feel that he's going to scrounge on her earnings when he gets out and she's in for one big disappointment? Or am I being too cynical? Anyway, it's an interesting video and incidentally if you want to see them live come just before midnight outside Orchard Towers and have a chat with them.
H1N1 - The "swine" flu virus and it's rumours have hit town and because of the large number of Americans and Australians that frequent the place and the real close proximity that goes down, it's said some mongers are staying away from Orchard Towers. Nothing official so I wouldn't take that too seriously. Comments anybody?


Anonymous said...

I love the Singaporean / Malaysian ladyboys. In this video, Nadia and Yasmin are especially stunning and would love to meet them. Are they regulars at Orchard Towers ?. Do they have other contact info or do they advertise elsewhere ?. I would come to Singapore just to meet them

Dick Rick said...

In general, people like Nadia and Yasmin would be around Orchard Towers on Fridays and Saturdays. Chances of them being early week, Monday, Tuesday are usually slim.
You could try looking at vicesisters but some of them use a different name.
There are lots more like them listed in vicesisters as well as Orchard Towers. If you can't them there will be substitutes for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thnaks Dick Rick for your response. I love your blog and I'll definitely follow your advice next time I'm in Singapore