11 July 2009

Free Sex

A free bonk from a ladyboy! What could be nicer? Pleasure without the pain.
Yes, this is the stuff that some guys like to brag about. Sort of like, rubbing salt into the wounds to others that paid (and overpaid) for sex.
But how far is it true? Exaggerated? Probably. The truth of the matter is, there's rarely such a thing as a free ride, especially one out of the blue!
Okay, if the guy looks like a movie star or if the ladyboy really likes you. Then, maybe.
At the end of the day if it happens, there is a cost - and I'm not talking money. On 2 separate occasions with 2 different P4P ladyboys I was given free sex. Money was not discussed at all. Maybe they liked me, my small gifts, the way I treated them or a combination. Whatever.
My point is, although no money was discussed and given, it implied a sort of obligation and loyalty to that ladyboy or as the cynics would say - repayment of favours granted.
Do I look out for free sex? No, not really. I'm not going to be hypocritical and say I would refuse. It's just that I am wary of the effects.
If I need a bonk so damn desperately I'll head to one of the whore houses or call a free lancer and pay my dues. Just as some other ladyboys don't want to feel obligated neither do I bloody want to.
Cheers All. Comments?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have had a decent amount of free rides in the past from p4p ladyboys.

But wouldnt shout about it as it usually ruffles a few feathers on forums and the like.

One that stands out the most would have been a Thai from orchard towers. Am not to sure which bar it was, as I met her on the smoking bridge.

I was basically there with a group of ladyboys and I whipped out my cock and said something along the lines "who wants to go with me for free" and straight away one grabs me and we left. I told her I had no money as I spent it all on beer, which was true. My ATM card wouldnt work as it hit its limit earlier in the night.

Went to a hotel81, she paid for room, paid for the taxi there and back, and even gave me money for a taxi to my hotel81 in rocher.

All it cost me was my New York Yankees baseball cap as I didnt have it the next morning when I woke up, so am guessing she has it now.