04 July 2009

Orchard Towers - The Thais

For the umpteenth time, Orchard Towers and specifically Club Romeo and Crazy Horse are where the upper end Thai ladyboys ply their trade in Singapore. Note that in Club Romeo they're all ladyboys in spite of what some claim.
The target of these ladyboys is a non local gentleman who comes in alone.
This is because they are asked for between S$200 to S$250 to get between the sheets for short time (2 hours). Us locals are asked for much less.
Therefore it's a common sight to see a non local loner being mobbed by a dozen ladyboys who put out their hand in a gesture of friendship and asking whether they can sit with them.
If this puts you off, the way around it is watch them from a safe distance, perhaps at the food stall next door or the "bridge" connecting the building to a car park. They are obliged to come by 9pm sharp so the time to watch would be 8.30 onwards. Once you see what you like then make a beeline for your choice once you enter the darkened pit of debauchery.
Grab a seat, order a drink and chat up the lb and if you're comfortable start your bargaining. And yes, they're all Thais who happen to know a smattering of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and oh yes, they do speak a fair bit of English sufficient for the job at hand. Lastly, if you have a preference for either a pre-op or post-op ladyboy you must ask. It's a wee bit late to ask when you get to the hotel.
Pictured is Jeen sporting her new blondish hair colour.
In reply to a comment, locals are charged between S$100 to S$150. However, we're certainly not their first choice.

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Anonymous said...

This post brings back fond memories of my visit to Orchard Towers last year.

I would fall into the non local customer bracket and everything you have described happened on my first visit. Being mobbed at the door, hassled for drinks and all that.

I paid 200sgd for short time with a Thai post-op. She was stunning and ended up staying with me longer than I expected.

I have a question for you Dick Rick, if the normal for us non-locals is 200-250sgd, whats the normal for the locals ?