25 July 2009

Transvestite dies after fight with customer

Transvestite dies after fight with customer

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A tragic report which highlights the stark reality of the P4P "game" that ladyboys or as the press usually refer to as transvestites, are in.
It's not always the glamour of getting big bucks, getting the pleasure of seeing and feeling somebody lust for you. There's also the downside as this Indonesian ladyboy discovered.
Fortunately, these tragic cases seem to be few and far between in South East Asia.
In other instances, many a ladyboy has recounted a tale of being assaulted, robbed or cheated. These unreported cases suggest that the glamour is only skin deep.

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Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed. Someguy got a life sentence recently here in Ireland for the murder of a filipino ladyboy who was living and working in Ireland as a nurse. He slashed her throat when he found out she was a ladyboy. Heard similar stories from girls in bangkok and pattaya of violence from guys that dont realise there partner is a ladyboy.