28 August 2009

Beware Young Boys

Guys, do be very careful of young boys prostituting themselves on-line.
Two days ago in Singapore a 51 year old businessman pleaded guilty to one charge of committing an obscene act with a young person under the Children and Young Persons Act. Along with him 5 others were charged with a similar offence relating to the same teen. The teen advertised himself on a gay web site and was ultimately found out.
The offences were committed when the teen was 16 years old. Such offences in Singapore carry  up to a two year jail term and a fine of S$5,000!
Just stay very far from these idiots who are that age or look that age, it ain't worth it by a mile. As I understand it, nothing very much happens to the teen but the offenders pay one heck of a price.
On top of that the photographs of the offending adults were splashed all over the papers!
Read the story here: http://www.tnp.sg/news/story/0,4136,211814,00.html?
Cheers all. Safe bonking please - especially in Singapore.

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