21 August 2009

How to spot a ladyboy?

This is always a classic question - How do you tell the difference between a ladyboy and a girl? With the advent of new surgical techniques that trim shoulders, add on flesh and disguise voices it's become more difficult these days.
However here are some give-aways:
1. Broader shoulders
2. Usually taller than girls
3. Larger hands and feet.
4. The famous ladyboy "swagger" when they walk. Not always however.
5. Heavier make-up than normal.
6. Ladyboys love stroking their hair.
7. Their voice - try as they might there are occasions when they forget themselves - when they hear a good joke for example.
8. Their dressing - normally better than the girls and sometimes over dressed for the occasion.
9. The Adam's apple - although I understand surgery can get rid of it.
10. Their friends are ladyboys. Birds of a feather flock together.
11. They tend to avoid eye contact when they're amongst a strange crowd.
As usual, my two cents guys (and ladyboys), any further opinions out there?
Just for fun, try this test here and see how many you score:


roy said...


I'm a young guy, well very young to be honest, but i've been sexually active since very young. So there's nothing much i haven't tried. Except having a romp with a TS. It is something that i would like to try very much, however i see no avenue for me to experience such a joy. I'm not sure how i should go about with my dilemma. Help please!


roy said...

Any suggestions Mr Rick?