15 August 2009

Singapore Update

The retail situation in Singapore is currently pretty quiet. Likewise, Orchard Towers; the home to 2 of the island's only ladyboy bars was relatively quiet the last couple of weeks. The number of ladyboys seemed to have dropped and last Saturday you could actually count the number of people on the 3rd and 4th floors.
The Rowell Road situation; the lower end, was also less active, however on Sunday it was business as usual with the lads from Bangladesh and India providing the main thrust of business. The selection of ladyboys was still the same - about 30 in number all in all.
The Geylang scene seems to be totally dead with the odd few local ladyboys lurking around midnight. The scene at Changi point, as I understand it, is also quieter.
Prices in Rowell certainly won't drop but I strongly suspect the prices in Orchard Towers are under heavy pressure and lower prices seem almost certain.
The escort scene seems to be a little more quieter in terms of the number of Filipino ladyboys arriving.
Cheers all.

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