18 September 2009

Orchard Towers update

Club Romeo left - on the third floor, presently close to 30 ladyboys, about 50% more, on duty. Mainly regulars plus a couple who've not been in town for a long time. They're here mainly because of the Singapore Grand Prix, 25th to 27th September. The usual fashion parade starts from about 8.30pm this week.
Crazy Horse - on the fourth floor, Tiger Beer promotion, mug S$4.50, Jug S$15.00. Ladydrinks S$18.00.
Still about a dozen ladyboys only. Some claiming to be from China! Actually, I understand some have worked for a short spell in Shanghai and have picked up a bit of Mandarin. The joke is, they all seem to have one parent from China and another from Thailand. LOL.
Back of the front building, close to the taxi stand - spotted some ladyboys who look Thai hanging around about 9pm. (not from the bars upstairs)
Best selection still Romeos - more good lookers in this batch. (Every two or three weeks a new batch arrives.) Map of Orchard Towers below.

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Anonymous said...

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