04 October 2009

Hard times for ladyboys?

The picture on the left is of 2 ladyboys plying their trade outside Orchard Towers, home of Singapore's upper market P4P ladyboy profession.
Nothing unusual about that, except that it's 7.30 in the evening!
The normal time for these ladyboys is around midnight.
A one off happening? Maybe, but I don't think so, it's probably a sign of the times. The Thai ladyboys upstairs have complained of few guys around and have visibly show much greater interest in just anybody walking past their bars. Ladyboys who serve at the lower end, Rowell Road, don't seem to be affected as yet although I did notice fewer customers around.
The good part for the customers is that, initially, prices look to be on their way down. The bad part is that, soon, fewer ladyboys will come to this part of the world. Some three quarters of ladyboys in Singapore are not local. If prices become too low it won't be worth their while to come out unless we see a drastic drop in accommodation and airfares. Only time will tell.
What about you guys out there? Have you noticed anything? Ladyboys offering lower prices than before?

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that lbs in Singapore are experiencing a drop in business. It's an overall effect of the current economic climate. I have a regular lb in Thailand and a couple of months ago she said her bar (she's a postop and works in a gg bar) had no bar fines for the week, and her friend in King's Corner said there were only 5 bar fines that same week. Hopefully things will improve for all areas as the economy slowly recovers.