24 October 2009

The ladyboy game

This is my own opinion about 2 sets of ladyboy lovers - the customers and the relationship seekers.
First, the customers. A lot of people seem to think they could hunt for ladyboys in the P4P game purely by surfing the net. It is possible but nothing could be further from the truth. When you surf the net you faced with the ads by the lbs and the opinions expressed by fellow "punters". The ads by the lbs are by and large exaggeration; any ad for any product usually is. When is the last time you saw a truthful ad?
As for the punters, there is an element of bias built in. For example, would anybody claim he came within a minute? No, he would probably say he pounded her till she begged for mercy or words to that effect. So the point is, take them with a pinch of salt. Use them as a guide.
Get out to the locations. Get a feel of the place, be observant. Besides a famed location could there be other lbs in the vicinity?
Taking Singapore's Orchard Towers as an example. I've lost count of the times I've spotted ladyboys outside of the 2 famed locations hanging around the area looking for customers. Basically, be broad minded.
Now the relationship seekers. A brave lot of fellas, who've ignored conventional wisdom and went with their hearts. Can't blame them, I'm leaning in that direction myself. LOL. Anyway, just remember the ladyboys are experts at the art of flirtation. And not just with customers. Try bringing a friend along when you pay your regular a visit. Chances are, she'll be ever so polite and friendly and ever so skilfully make it look as though it was showing respect to your friend.  Well, my opinion is, it's simple, if you suspect anything, go find another another!
But why should we be so confident? Simply because, like football, substitutes are necessary. Try and have a second, third or even fourth choice if you can. If one doesn't work, like a tired football player, bring on the substitute!
Like I said, it's a ladyboy game something like football but different emotions. You're the owner, it's your money. Who's in charge?
Opinions, gentlemen and ladyboys! This I gotta hear!

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Anonymous said...

I rushed into a relationship with who I thought was a ex-p4p ladyboy. Turned out she was still working the whole time we were together. It is all a game to them. More p4p ladyboys though. They look at every guy as a customer. They make the rules of the game, and they set how much its going to cost to play the game. With me it cost me alot to play the game. From money, new phones, new bags, new laptop, new make up, and more. I ended up breaking up with her, not because she was cheating on me, because I didnt know at that time, but because I only realised after living with her that she was a lunatic.

But I would not of described myself as a relationship seeker, it was just a situation I found myself in and enjoyed at the start.

But after it all I would describe myself as a p4p customer from now on and just avoid dishonest ladyboys who try to cheat and blackmail honest guys out of money. Just like your profile says dickrick