13 October 2009

Late Ladyboys 2

Just to elaborate on the previous post. No, it wasn't me that was stood up but another guy posted his comments here - http://www.sammyboyforum.com/keong-saik-desker-etc/29284-trans-contact-xchange-offer-86.html. Secondly, I'm not talking of being stood up, I'm talking of turning up late and not having the courtesy to say they'll be delayed.
On occasion I've noticed some desperation amongst ladyboy customers such as putting up with extremely late comers, shoddy service and being overcharged. That's clearly not right in any business.
I've always championed the cause of fairness be they the customer or the ladyboy.
If customers take a laid back attitude then the sellers; the ladyboy in this case, will take the upper hand and come as they please. We've got to remember who the customer is here. If they don't want the business they should just bloody say so.

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