12 October 2009

Late Ladyboys

We all know of the tough times ladyboys go through, we do pity them. However I just read of a case where a ladyboy made a customer wait for 2 hours. I thought that was really too much. Yes, we do understand that some things are beyond our control. Like a last minute emergency, for example. But there is this wonderful invention called the mobile phone of which all ladyboys own. Why can't they pick up the bloody thing and just sms or call to say they're delayed?
To me, if the wait is longer than half an hour it shows the ladyboy doesn't give a hoot for you and your business. It says - too bad you're not important. If it were me, it's very simple, I would just make a move and pick somebody else. In South East Asia there is a choice of at least a dozen others in whatever price bracket. There's no problem. Would the service level, looks be the same? Chances are, a big yes! There isn't a great deal of difference in service levels at a certain price point. So please, guys, by all means sympathise with the ladyboys but fair is fair!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Am guessing someone stood you up? I have to admit its something that has never happened to me in my years with p4p ladyboys.

Keep up the good work DickRick.