30 October 2009

Why this blog exists

The primary reason I started this blog was to exchange information on the P4P ladyboy scene. I wanted to share the knowledge of both the customers and the ladyboys and as far as possible present a balanced view. The secondary reason was to provide general information on ladyboys. The idea here was so that we as customers/lovers of ladyboys could appreciate their backgrounds or admire some good lookers.

Unfortunately, there was a strong possibility that this blog might become a platform for an argument between an Irish guy and a Filipino ladyboy. Basically the two were in a very close relationship which turned sour. Both parties had their say and obviously because of the intensity of the relationship and the bitter feelings that followed it could have reached very violent levels.
I shared the sentiments of the gentleman here, purely to warn others of the pitfalls they could encounter with ladyboys in general. However, in all good conscience I did not feel such incidents were worth repeating over and over. The relationship, in my opinion, is over, it should be treated as water under a bridge.
I urge both parties here to get on with their lives. It was a bitter experience which I could appreciate to a point as I've had a similar experience albeit not on the same scale. However, I've come out of it wiser and more careful. Some say too careful (and sensitive) to the point where I have irritated some people, for which I do apologise.
So in essence those of you, whether ladyboy or guy, please take note relationships are great but there is the downside too.

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