13 November 2009

Ladyboys - the other side

Lately I've been off the direct bonking scene. That is, I've been taking the more indirect route hanging around the pubs and chatting more with our fair friends.
So I've begun to notice things you wouldn't normally notice when you only have one thing - sex, on your mind. The first thing I noticed was the reverence of the Thai ladyboys. It was a must to pray before work; and not just a quick wai (the clasped hands thing) but an almost full ten minute thing and sometimes with an offering.
The next thing I noticed was the grouping. They were always in their cliques, usually their closest friends. In some cases many were friends from their school days. There was communication between others but it was just skin deep and in some cases downright competitive.
But, I also began to notice something a little disturbing. A number of ladyboys were very eager to down some booze as soon as they started work. So I asked the question and was told it was to give them courage to be forward with customers. Quite possible, as outside of the bars they were actually quite shy unless they knew you.
On the other hand I thought it was perhaps to forget their worries - could they cover their costs that night? Maybe what would they do when they were no longer attractive? I later discovered it was a bit of both. Contrary to what some of us may think, these ladyboys sometimes give the impression they haven't a care in the world but when you sit down and actually have a long talk with them you see a different picture - as though the rose tinted glasses were taken off. Quite sad really. Any thoughts anyone?
The ladyboy in the picture below is actually from Thailand!
Yes, she does have the Korean/Japanese look as some have said. This is Jeen from Orchard Towers during her off hours

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