24 December 2009

The ladyboy scene in Singapore

A few guys have asked how to go about the bonking ladyboy scene in Singapore.
Basically, there are 3 "lots" of ladyboys to choose from.
The first is the craiglist/vicesisters bunch who in the main, are ladyboys from the Philippines and a sprinkling from Singapore and Malaysia. They operate from hotels, usually in the Balestier area or they visit your hotel room.
You have to depend on the photos and description they post (or the bits and pieces you get from forums) to make your decision. Generally, they accept further inquiries and appointment from a direct phone call. No unlisted numbers or SMS please.
The prime advantage they hold is the privacy. A good number of "fans" don't want to be seen with a ladyboy and this provides the best option. The disadvantage is the price. Starting prices are nothing less than a hundred Singapore dollars (abt US$70) for a local whilst non locals pay double. It can increase to as much as three hundred Singapore dollars which even some locals have claimed to have paid.
The other advantage they hold is that they can operate at almost any hour. So if you had the itch at seven in the morning, when almost every ladyboy is about to sleep, you have a chance.
The second are the ladyboys from Orchard Towers in the two bars which a "punter" has to visit and make conversation with a ladyboy. Actually, it's the other way around, they'll normally start the conversation! This is, in fact, ideal, because you actually see the person face to face and can get a rough idea if there's going to be any chemistry later in the sack. Prices are similar but the bargaining power is greater because if you don't like what you see, you have about twenty near at hand. The disadvantage is, you have a chance, albeit quite low, of being spotted. The trick here is to visit the place, keep a few phone numbers and then make outside arrangements at another time. ( More on Orchard Towers in my earlier posts)
The third are well documented, the ladyboys from Rowell Road and Changi Village. In Rowell it's bargain basement stuff and rough conditions but some good lookers. At Changi it's an after midnight thing where your car is the "room". Can be a bit awkward doing it in a car but hey! It's cheap!
So there you have it!
Lastly, Merry Christmas all and Happy Birthday to my long time Malaysian friend Anggun.

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Anonymous said...

It should be noted that you can find many of the same girls from category one in category two and three. It's the luck of the draw, but you can usually find them at a significantly lower rate than they advertise.