23 January 2010

Changi Village

Changi Village is one of the lesser talked about locations for ladyboys in Singapore. For a foreigner, it's about a mile from the Singapore Changi airport and it started out as a shopping area that served the UK armed forces during pre-independence days.
Apart form the long distance from the city the ladyboy action is normally done in your car and the ladyboys only appear after midnight.
There are 2 locations - the first is the car and heavy vehicle park behind block 1 (where the 7-11 is). This is on the right after you turn into Changi Village Road. Here you get ladyboys who are generally older and are usually Malay. Some of them have seen action in the other Singapore spots like Geylang and Orchard Towers.
The other is the area opposite the Changi Village Hotel along a U-shaped road called Lorong Bekukong which curves along a car park. Here you get the younger set of ladyboys, usually in their early twenties. The trade here is supermarket style - fast in, fast out.
Just after midnight, a few ladyboys appear and no sooner as you see them a quick deal is done. The customer is usually brought to a quiet spot down nearby Netheravon Road and some twenty minutes later the ladyboy re-appears to look for the next customer.
Dozens of cars are seen parked in the car park and cruising around looking for action even at that hour. Some of the ladyboys serve as many as 5 customers in a 2 hour span and overall (both spots) there seem to be less than twenty ladyboys on duty.
Action in Changi Village is usually a BJ for which the customer pays S$30, a FJ is S$50. Not all ladyboys start at midnight, some appear about 2a.m. and it all dies down just before dawn.
Picture below shows the Lorong Bekukong part of Changi Village Road.
Place your cursor on the map to see the road names.

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