10 January 2010

Ladyboy FWB

A question appeared on a local forum on this - Any chance of finding a ladyboy FWB?
FWB or friend with benefits, some would call it a "fuckbuddy ", is a no strings attached approach to having a sex partner i.e. it's strickly sex and nothing further.
In my two cents worth of opinion, it's difficult to find amongst the P4P gang.
Simply because if you're in P4P you would want payment for your services although I have heard of rare cases where freebies are given. I also say this because ladyboys tend to be more emotional and chances are, would have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship where the relationship is stronger.
But if you're talking outside of the P4P scene, i.e. amongst cross-dressers and those that have normal employment then chances are greater as it would with normal girls. In fact for freebies, you could check out your country's offerings at URnotalone or www.fridae.com (it's primarily a gay site but cross-dressers do advertise)
I could be dead wrong here and if anybody knows otherwise please speak up!
Cheers all.

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