31 January 2010

Sex - are we getting our money's worth?

Sometimes I sit back and think of the good bonks I've had over the years with ladyboys. Those were the days!
It started off after a shower and then the lb would slowly give me a cat bath - licking me from almost head to toe and then turning me over for an arse rimming. In between were passionate kisses. Then came the BJ. Slowly and seductively she would start from the underneath of the balls working her way up before taking my dick in her slurping mouth. In turn I too would give her some foreplay, not as skilfully perhaps, but nevertheless I would try and be really turned by her soft moans. And the climax was the penetration in her - good amount of lube (so you don't get that rough dry feeling after a while) and the ecstasy that closed the act. 
By then about an hour would have passed and we'll be chatting away after a shower. The whole act was about one and a half hours but the important point was, you never felt rushed.
Trouble is, these days, the ladyboys, and even the upper end, escort or Orchard Towers types, seem to be in a hurry. The convenience of being near seems to be diminished. Don't get me wrong, the sex is still good but somehow when you've been around, you just sense these things. Or maybe it's because I'm local and they take less money from me?
Oh well! Maybe I'll head off to Kuala Lumpur to look for some old ladyboy friends! See whether that's the same there.
Anybody had a good experience without being rushed? Or other comments?

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Anonymous said...

Nowadays a lot of lb very used to sex so they're not so keen like last time. To most of them jus a job.