20 February 2010

Ladyboy Behaviour

It's been a while since I last spoke about this. And up to today you still see comments and posts asking why ladyboys behave like they do. So here's my two cents worth (yet again)
First and foremost, most ladyboys, I don't care if they're femboys, pre-op, post-op whatever, they all want to imitate the fairer sex. Why is another story.
But basically they see themselves as females. These adult ladyboys that we come in contact with have all been thinking this way since their formative years, usually before the age of ten. So you get a mindset that is firmly entrenched to think and behave like girls. They scream when they see a cockroach, they want to look beautiful and spend hours dressing up (sound familiar?), most are possessive and they love men.
So if you're at a chatting stage or further with them, treat them like ladies. Buy them small gifts, open doors for them, compliment them (don't overdo it!) and don't be rough with them - mentally they're not guys!
But, point is, if you hope to get anywhere with them, treat them nice.
Yes, I know, the ladyboys will be happy with this post. I know some weren't about my last post! Sorry, I have to provide a balanced view here, can't please everybody.
By the way, something for the ladyboys here - Sex and Gender Explorer Test (SAGE). This is a test to check the feminine level of a person. So guys, get your ladyboys checked out!
Cheers all.


Anonymous said...

hi rick...would like to ask....do u know where to find lady boy around skudai and johor bahru area in Malaysia besides susor empat coz i heard susor empat no longet a spot for them...thanks

johny said...

nice blog Rick.
keep it up !