13 February 2010

Orchard Towers Myths

Orchard Towers in Singapore is, of course, the one place to get a close first hand look at the upper end of P4P ladyboys. Somehow there have been some myths circulating that need to be cleared up.
Official Red Light Area?
First and foremost, it is not a "designated red light area". In Singapore a designated red light area is one where the prostitutes are issued with a green card stating their attendance and clearance at a government STD clinic. It is also one where sex is permitted on the premises. Neither is the case in Orchard Towers.
Secondly, the ladyboys at both clubs, Club Romeo and Crazy Horse are not employed at the clubs. They are given permission to sit at the clubs by the owners and in so doing hopefully entice customers to buy drinks at the usual inflated prices.
There is a level of control however. The ladyboys must be listed and have in their possession a valid visit pass stamped on their passports. This is true of the other clubs in Orchard Towers as well. They are, strictly speaking, only supposed to approach customers in the clubs and not outside.  The clubs are also not allowed to keep their doors open. The government agencies take the view that what goes on behind closed doors is fine as long as there is no exposure of private parts.
Bar Fines and Taxis to a hotel
Which brings us to bar fines - there is no such thing - unlike Bangkok where the ladyboys are employed.So don't be duped into paying extra.
Taxis are taken from the official taxi stand from the side of the building. Be patient and join the queue. Do not allow yourself to be led to a waiting taxi in another location. You'll be charged 3 to 4 times the actual metered fare. Many a foreigner has fallen prey to this.
Also, do be wary that there are close circuit cameras in the car park adjoining the main building. Hence going for a quickie in the car or openly in the open car park, which was done, is clearly inviting trouble. Technically you could be charged by the police for committing an indecent act in a public place.
In spite of the seemingly stiff rules, this is still the best place to see for yourself the best looking ladyboys instead of looking at pictures on the escort sites. You always get a couple of stunners.  Go early, just before they go in (9.30pm) and then walk in either bar to take your pick.
Lastly always negotiate your price for services that you expect before you leave the building and ask if you're not sure of anything.
Cheers all, and Happy Lunar New Year. Hope the year of the Tiger roars for you.


john said...

Hi, just to share some pics of this actress in taiwan called alicia liu, recently hitting the headlines being a post op.


anyway, it has been some time since i last came here, and always again, thanks bro for such a place. anyway i would like to share about discounts and freebies that i have encounter, which i believe was a topic not too long ago.

ok i have been in this feild for only 2 years i guess, (well, i am only 23 years old now), and i have received 2 free services, 1 $40 overnight sessions and many dicounts before.

ok so i would like to say some simple ideas to help:

1: bargain. always bargain. never ever just blindly agree with the price.

2: dress appropriately. do not overdress, do not wear your huge rings and gold necklace to show off your wealth.

3: just be a bit frank, if and only if you are good looking, you can get a better price.

4: old customers tends to have better negotiation.

5: be clean. seiously, it does help if you bath yourself, do your hair style, wear some decent clothes, spray some cologne.

just my 2 cents. at least it works for me.

Dick Rick said...

Well, well, interesting comments John.Thank you.
Yes, it is possible that 30 year old ladyboys (most of them average that age)give out freebies to handsome 22 year old lads.
It must be noted that most of the customers tend to be...er...older though. So it means little to most of us I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dick Rick for your excellent summary on Singapore Ladyboy scene. I will be in Singapore for 2 days (arriving late night 1am). I would like to try a ladyboy for the first time, so your report is very helpful.
One question for you: Once you get into taxi, where do u go, your hotel or ladyboy's place?

Dick Rick said...

Thank James, once you get into a taxi you either go to your hotel or to a short time hotel which is usually about 15 mins away. The hotel would cost S$20/S$30 for 2 hours. The ladyboy's place is usually off limits.