12 March 2010

Cold Hard Facts about ladyboys in Singapore

Guys, I regularly read a number of forums and there are some hard facts I think need pointing out:
1. They are many ladyboys in Singapore. In Orchard Towers there are at least thirty in total. Advertising in vicesisters and craig's list are at least another thirty. At the lower end there are at least twenty in Rowell Road and at least a dozen in Changi Village. So each night you have a total of almost a hundred.
So why do we see people asking to see a particular ladyboy as though she was the only one in the country? If she is not available, or asking too high a price or didn't turn up at the time promised or can't be found - take another! Trust me, in terms of looks, service or attitude there will be at least six others who possess the same qualities! Yes, by all means have a target but it's not the end of the world if you don't get it, is it? This is one of the reasons why some ladyboys act so high and mighty - they think they're the one and only and can you blame them?
2. Some ladyboys advertise themselves on-line for as much as three hundred or even four hundred dollars for a shot.
Clearly they're hoping for some guy who's got cash to splash, needs super privacy and doesn't bother with checking prices. What's the point in asking if they'll go for a hundred? Let's say they agree, do you think you're going to get the same level of service? Do you think they'll bother to be punctual? If they're late do you think they would phone and tell you? Just forget them and go for the ones that ask reasonable prices - $150 or maybe $200. Chat with them and if they're agreeable go for it. If they're late, walk off. You're the boss - it's your money!
3. Pricing - For a $30 ladyboy you get a certain level of service - for $300 do you think you'll get 10 times the service? No way, maybe more privacy, a better bed, bathroom etc , more patient sex, a prettier face/body but at it's best maybe 4 times the service! Is it worth? Rarely! For locals who want the better good service stuff, good looking ladyboy, $200/ 2 hours without room is more than fair.
Your opinions gentlemen!

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