23 March 2010

A Sad story to share

This is an amended summarised post written on the 26th of March.
I've been seeing a Thai lb for the last 2 years and things have become very close. To me, I think she's just great in terms of looks and her personality.
Long story short, recently she went back to Thailand and I happened to be around her working place when I met one of her friends.
We chatted a bit and she told me that my "girlfriend" was having a boob job. (She doesn't have boobs). This took me by surprise.
I reflected later that a boob job is a very important to a ladyboy and she didn't bother to tell me about it?
My point is, if you're the "boyfriend" shouldn't such things be discussed?
What level of importance is the relationship? Is it just superficial? Only on the surface and for show?
I used to laugh when one bm from a forum said "A girl can fake an organism but a ladyboy can fake a whole relationship". I wasn't laughing a few days ago.
So although the matter is settled for now, I thought this post is useful for both the ladyboy and guy to share what can happen in this type of relationship even when you've been around the scene for so long.
Cheers all and once again thank you to all that gave their comments especially the first one.


Anonymous said...

It could be one or a number of reasons.
a) maybe she genuinely wanted to surprise you; b) perhaps she was afraid you would not approve and you would try and talk her out of it; which could lead to c) both of you being unhappy and could lead to unpleasantness.
This way, she goes ahead and gets the job done and it's too late for you to object and it's fait accompli.
Perhaps we should also factor in her feelings. As a "woman", she would feel more confident and more secure if she had boobs.
Then again, there's also the other factor that her male instincts may be stronger than her female ones, which leads her to feel that she does not necessarily want to be dominated by your stance in this instance.
I am sure she must have thought long and hard about the pros and cons and would have had to bear the conflict that was in her heart and mind.
I suggest give her your support and encouragement for now. This "giving" on your part would lead to a stronger relationship between you and her.
If things take a turn for the worse later on and you feel you want to break off, then you know in your heart that you did not turn and run when you had the opportunity and a reason to, because you saw in her a long term relationship that could grow.
Good luck bro! Thanks for reading my two cents' worth!

JackNeo said...


"A girl can fake an orgasm, but a ladyboy can fake a whole relationship".

That sums up everything. A very good quote too if I may add.

IMO, I think you're being oversensitive about the whole thing.

Then again, you chose to trust her in the first place. If you think she cannot be trusted, then simply end the relationship with her. Why suffer for no good reasons? :-)

Lighten up, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear! Hope everything turns out well! Enjoy reading your blog. Keep the posts coming.

Anonymous said...


quite surprised to hear this story from you, as you have always seemed to be the wise, sagely one. However, you just can't stop yourself when it hits you right? All the best with your romance, really wish the best for you two! I know what it's like to be head over heels over a ladyboy (specially a Thai one). they really know how to treat men well...

capcrunch from sbf

Dick Rick said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Yes even in spite of being the wise and sagely one, this sort of thing can happen. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly and I hope everyone can learn something from this.