07 April 2010

The Almighty

The Almighty came to Rowell Road - and I saw him!
It happened one evening. I was feeling the itch and it so happened I was around the lower end of the lb bonking scene in Singapore.
I stopped outside house no. 9. Just before me, a big white guy made his choice and went upstairs.
I picked out a slim one with boobs, who indicated 3 fingers (S$30) asked my usual question (you do kissing?) and went upstairs.

I got down to action and noticed the lb didn't seem entirely happy, so anyway, I ignored that and continued.
As luck would have it, the white guy was occupying the cubicle next door, and was screwing away or getting screwed, I couldn't tell.
My lb starts to give me a BJ and suddenly the white guy finishes and walks out his cubicle. And, can you believe it? My lb stops half way, opens the door and runs after the guy asking him whether he wants service?
I mean, surely that guy was the Almighty! Why else could she have acted that way? Was she that stupid?
He mumbled something like, you've got a customer I'll come back in 15 minutes.
Guess what I do? Faster than you can say Rowell Road, I've got my shirt on and started pulling on my pants and got ready to go!
Lb comes back looking shocked! Why, she asked? I was flabbergasted! Why? By gosh, I gave her a lecture a school principal would have been proud of.
She must have taken me for the biggest idiot on earth!
Then came this drama of pleading and begging (yes, begging) saying I was her first customer and it was bad luck for her and so on..

But then she did the right thing - she returned me my money but still refused to let me out. It was like a bloody circus - now it was my turn to beg. LOL.
In the end, she relented, face downcast as though her best friend died!
Later when I thought about it, it was kinda funny and really amazing at the same time. I have witnessed many a time when an lb goes crazy when a white guy appears but this and her subsequent action was beyond belief! Anyway, I'm not mentioning the lb's name simply because she did what I thought was the right thing - she gave me my money back albeit after the drama. This is one I won't forget or a while.


Anonymous said...

One crazy mixed up ladyboy!

azscores said...

Wah, bro! Your post was very dramatic! And after what happened to you, which I would consider to be a humiliation, you still maintained a sense of humour.

I too have been on the receiving end of such atrocious treatment from a paid service provider, so I know what you went through! I must say you handled the situation with aplomb. I mean if you were not such a gentleman, you could have whacked the shit out of her and I guess nobody would have blamed you!

My observation is that we are not the only ones to have gone through such an experience, and I am sure this type of thing will continue to happen to us and our (Asian) brothers!

One consolation is that we are in a better position and can afford to pay for such services. So we should pity them and ignore their ignorance.

Another consolation is that I have seen the "whities" being rejected and their business not welcome. So that sort of even up the score!

fridgemagnet said...

Dunno if it's a racial thing - If I'm with certain friends, the ladyboys won't even see me - it's as though I were invisible.

Anonymous said...

whoa. that's both funny and sad.

but i really like the way you handled it and your attitude towards the entire incident as a whole. : ) you seem nice.

oh, this is the first time i've ever been here and that's about the only post i've ever read... soo..

it's just that i liked your story i just had to say something. :P


Dick Rick said...

Ya thinking back it was an amazing scenario! I could understand to a point the fascination with a white guy but this really overzealous attitude was as like how some fans throw themselves at a pop star.
In spite of "being around" for so long, I've never witnessed this type of worship.