25 April 2010

Bare Back

Bare back sex has lately become more popular in the ladyboy video world. In the past few months nearly half a dozen sites have appeared. The producers of the videos have claimed that the participants  have been tested for HIV/AIDS. That may be so, but what it fails to mention is that detection of the virus is only possible from six weeks to three months after infection. So even if they've been tested they should refrain from any unprotected sex during that period.
But, it would seem that the ladyboys are either so desperate for that bit of cash (they're paid around US$50 per shoot) and the promise that they will also become famous and earn lots of money later on. Or they're totally uninformed or misinformed. Whichever way, they're dicing with a slow and painful death. Arguably there are more new medicines on the market now then say, five years ago, but that doesn't come cheap nor are all that freely available.
Personally, I would never have sex with anybody that took part in a bare-back video or photo shoot. I know that may sound silly as many ladyboys have gone bare-back and would certainly not tell you. But psychologically, it'll be a turn-off for me. I'd rather do without.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about not going with a ladyboy who has done a video on one of these bareback websites. Am not sure why but I find it to be a huge turn off for me.

I once had a ladyboy trying to talk me into going with her in Bangkok and I knew she done some bareback work and I declined her offer and even told her why. She then went on to say, all ladyboy use no condom sometimes. Sad but true.

Pattaya Girls said...

most well known websites pay the models 5-10k per scene, that's much more than $50 :-)

personally i'd be more concerned about an LB being bare backed by her thai boyfriends that the white star of a website.

Dick Rick said...

Thank you "Pattaya Girls". So that makes it between US$150 to US$300.
Nevertheless, I think who did the act isn't important - the fact is, the act was done and the consequences are present.

CK said...

Yes I had an experience once with a Ladyboy.. the bloody condom slipped off... as we were humping in the car, I didn't realized it.. and she claimed she didn't either until I came in her ass.... and she shriek.. no condom!! Well needless to say it was a terrifying 6 months after that.... while waiting for the HIV test/window etc to clear....

Anonymous said...

as far i know from thai ladyboys friends prices are like this

hard core video=20000 baths
soft video=10000 baths
pictures session 2000 baths for soft
5000 baths for hard session(like dildo session)

the problem is: many producers take any oppotunity to slash the price during the session(like using a condom), some ladyboys, like the most shy finished with $ 50