01 April 2010

Filipino ladyboys in Singapore's East

Paramount Shopping Centre is the home of many pubs in Singapore's eastern part. It is linked to Paramount Hotel.
It's not new, similar in age to it's more famous cousin Orchard Towers. There are more than a dozen pubs which operate on a basis of girls serving drinks and hoping you'll buy them a lady-drink, which is on average about S$20, from which they earn a commission. The unique feature of the pubs is that all the girls are Filipinos.
That is until lately, when a few Filipino ladyboys were spotted working in the clubs such as the one in the picture.
Unfortunately, there are no details as to which pub or pubs they're operating from nor what they charge for "services".
So the appeal here is, if anyone can confirm which exact pub they're working from, you will earn the gratitude of many a  monger here.
Incidentally about a decade ago this is similar to how the ladyboys first made an appearance in Orchard Towers. First appearing together with girls and then dominating a particular pub. Many amongst us, of course, would like to see that happen sooner rather than later. So please if anybody has information, please pass a comment.
The location picture and map is below. Incidentally, this is no April Fool's joke. Thank you to Ikoek for the photo above..

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Anonymous said...

yeah was there in april and one of the pubs at the end away from the restrooms had a ladyboy. think an ang moh got her to cum.