18 April 2010

Marla Bendini - Singapore ladyboy pole dancer

Marla Bendini Junior Ong is a Singapore ladyboy who's hit the headlines in the press today - she's a finalist in the Pole Stars Talent Showcase Singapore 2010.
A clear video of her act is here - http://www.sgpolestars.com/#/marla-bendini/4539801507
She describes herself as a visual and performance artist and quote "a reserved exhibitionist transgender trying to make sense of him/herself and the world".
She has a web page at  http://marlabendini.com/ and a picture here with her friends. I believe she's second from the right. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolesingslave/4299080323/(You have to sign in to Yahoo)
Good to see a ladyboy trying to make a name of herself outside P4P. Best of luck Marla.
Another video is embedded below -

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