16 May 2010

Ladyboy Liars - why do they do it?

Off and on this subject pops up on ladyboy forums. Why do ladyboys lie? (I'm talking of those in P4P)
First off, it's not exclusive to ladyboys as girls in the trade are just as good at it. So a lot here applies to them as well.
I've thought about it long and hard, read up a bit and observed many a ladyboy's behaviour.
Usually, it's common to hear - my dad/mum/brother/sister is sick/had an accident/died so I need money.
Or "You are the only one I love", "Last six/seven days I didn't have business", and so on...
So why do they risk getting a bad reputation and tell such obvious lies? Well, I read somewhere that they go into almost a sort of survival mode. Basically, it's when the body goes into a fight or flight response when there's a threat to our survival.
Ladyboys in P4P aren't paid a salary. In the extreme, their next meal could probably be from the next customer. So if that be the case, the lying would come naturally as anyone would pull out all the stops just to get a meal.
Another reason could be because they've tried lying and it worked! So if something works, why not?
However, I've noticed that lying becomes a normal habit even when business has been good and it becomes part and parcel of their style.A real pity, I think.
I think, as customers, the only thing we can do is be aware and politely refuse. Easier said than done as I've fallen for them many a time. I also do realise that, on occasions, they are actually telling the truth, but then, who's to say when that is?
Comments anyone? 

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Anonymous said...

They'll dig their own grave.