02 May 2010

Ladyboys on facebook

Gentlemen, looking for a ladyboy friend? Go no further than facebook, the number one social networking site. Pictured on the left is Nieza Vanessa Perez who comes from Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysia. A wedding planner by profession, she is looking for friendship, dating, maybe a relationship and networking.
This lovely ladyboy who's in her late 20s has her facebook profile here.
Besides Nieza, some of you from Singapore may remember Wanda or Anggun and her facebook profile is here
There are a large number of ladyboys in Malaysia who are on facebook and once you know one it's possible to link up to more. And believe it or not there are many who come from Kuching. Although most of them now live in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, perhaps a visit to Kuching may be worth the while.
By the way, you'll need to sign up with facebook to see the full details and you can do it here. Nieza's link is here -

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