29 May 2010

Singapore Updates

Singapore Updates
Changi Village - the scene is quiet we're told. In the middle of May a man and a trans were arrested for doing it in a cab. They were each fined S$800 (abt US$570). Ever since the scene has quietened down.
Rowell Road - still active as ever.
Orchard Towers - Still active but I note an air of gloom amongst some ladyboys. Apparently customers are there but the story is, they're paying less. A number of regular faces are absent, some say because of immigration problems. Nevertheless, new faces have taken their place and the process goes on.
Vicesisters - still popular and new faces from the Philippines are trying their luck.

We still hear of ladyboys at the upper end trying to get away with sub standard or a "mechanical" approach to things. Thankfully, punters are reporting these things and hopefully the "fast buck" lbs will disappear. For more detailed reports try this thread in www.sammyboyforum.com.
A word of caution though, "field reports" are the opinion of an individual and should be taken as a guide. They can, after all, be open to abuse.
Cheers all.

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chris burrows said...

Hi, how can I get my friend's blog added to your blog list please?


Or the link to his new book about an expat's adventures with Ladyboys in Bkk, Hk and Singapore?

http://www.clublighthousepublishing.com/LGBT_FICTION_PAGE.htm#CITY OF ANGELS