14 June 2010

Am I too hard on ladyboys?

I was talking to an old friend who reads my blog and she remarked that I was very hard on ladyboys. She said I gave the impression that all ladyboys were all out to cheat people and they were basically, heartless and money grabbing!
Well, I'm very sorry if I gave that impression and I have re-read some of my posts. I'm afraid I'm guilty sometimes, although I have to say I've received comments from some readers that what I've said is true.
You see, I'm all about giving a fair deal whichever side you're on. So naturally, I get really cheesed off when I hear of what some ladyboys do. Yes, we do understand the difficulties and those of us that depend on a strict commission as an income may understand this better. However there is always space for the honest deal and behaviour. Asking for a extra bit, exaggerating their abilities, saying they really like you - that's fine. Many salespeople do that anyway!
But downright rip-off's like charging a customer three times the rate, giving only half the time - that's totally way out.
However, I'm glad to say that the ladyboys that I know like Anggun and Maya Lobo from Malaysia, Francine from the Philippines, Becky, the 2 Annie's, Rita, Toei and the sweetheart Jeen from Thailand have been as straight as an arrow in their dealings. Sure, they may bullshit a bit, but it's basically harmless stuff.
So there you have it! I hope that's straightened things out. Any comments?
Picture above of Jeen looking very sweet.

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