26 June 2010

Couples and ladyboys or guys

Yes, you read it read right. There are couples out there that look out for ladyboys or even guys for a romp.
Just the other day I had received a message asking for places a couple could go so that they could take a ladyboy back who would make a three some.
The French call it a ménage a trois.
Incidentally, the subject was taken up by some forums and some provided the variations: The ladyboy does the lady whilst the guy watches. Sometimes he gets involved by banging the ladyboy who is at this time doing the lady.
Another was for the couple to bring back a man (who's into ladyboys) and bangs the woman whilst the man watches but does not participate and gets his rocks off by masturbating. A sort of cuckold if you will.
Yet another was for the woman to watch whilst a ladyboy had sex with the husband.
I asked two ladyboys if they would take part and one flatly said no whilst the other said if the money was right she would do it.
So now the question: If you were in your favourite ladyboy bar or if you're a ladyboy and approached by the couple, would you participate?  Your comments please. 


Anonymous said...

Man you're making it so complicated... but apparently for the LBs, many of them refuse to do girls. Depends on how much money is offered I suppose.

I'd love for a woman I love to be watching while I have a hot LB top me. That would be SO intense!

- capcrunch

Anonymous said...

the famous filipina miss Daphnee(operating in singapore,thaland mainly) has no problem at all for doing girls